The Denim 31


The Denim 31

Why The Denim 31 jeans?

The Denim 31 are the essence of style. They were designed for people who wants quality detailed jeans with a comfortable and flattering fit. 

Today, there are many choices when it comes to jeans in terms of style, cut, and material.

It's hard to keep up with the trends and find the right pair of jeans for you. The list includes everything from relaxed, fit to skinny jeans.

Of course, there are different denim washes to choose from as well.

Stretch jeans are currently one of the most popular denim materials, comprising of cotton and spandex.


It’s frequently used in athletic wear and swimsuits because spandex is a synthetic fiber that can stretch and recover.

This material becomes more lightweight and breathable when blended with cotton, making it ideal for jeans.

The Denim 31 jeans are composed of cotton-spandex fabric. Spandex increases the flexibility of denim and adds elasticity.

They are extremely comfortable to wear and maintain their shape throughout the day because of this.


Do 1% spandex jeans stretch?

Stretch jeans usually contain between two and three percent spandex.

A little can make a big difference.

The Denim 31 jeans has 1% spandex, however, provide the right amount of stretch to give you the right amount of mobility while maintaining form.

99% Cotton 1% Spandex

The Denim 31 jeans are manufactured from high quality imported cotton fabric & stretchy material, which provides a perfect and comfortable fit.

These jeans don’t sag or bag after wearing them for a while, which is their main advantage.

They maintain their shape, which makes them an excellent choice.

Spandex allows for a little give and stretch in these jeans.

Are 99 cotton-spandex blend jeans prone to shrinkage?

The answer is yes, avoiding this is simple: wash your jeans in cold water and either dry them in the dryer or hang them to dry.

It is important to follow the care instructions on your jeans in order to prevent them from shrinking in the wash.

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